Who can apply?

Students enrolled full-time at an accredited HBCU/MI are eligible to apply.
Must be a sophomore, junior, senior, or a graduate school student at an accredited HBCU/MI.
Students must be pursuing careers in computer science, computer engineering, or another cyber-related field, including data science.

Participants must be citizens of the United States.

Terms and Conditions of Appointment

The Department of the Navy HBCU/MI Cyber IA & ML Program is intended to provide college students an opportunity to spend time at Naval laboratories. Interns will be conducting full-time research of mutual interests to them and the Navy.

Period and Place of Appointment
The term of appointment is 10 continuous weeks between May and August 2023. The appointment may be in-person or virtual/remote, guided by the host research laboratory. This will be based on COVID guidelines.

Security Requirements
Participants must hold or be eligible to obtain a U.S. Department of Defense security clearance in order to be admitted to the Naval laboratories and research centers where the research will be conducted.

Stipends will be paid in bi-weekly payments during the ten (10) weeks of Phase II (Internship) of the program. The final stipend payment is contingent upon receipt of an abstract of the summer research and program evaluation. The final packet must be submitted in order for the final stipend payment to be processed.

The IRS classifies payments that aid in the pursuit of education in two ways: a non-taxable scholarship and a taxable scholarship. These scholarships are considered taxable if the payment is used for any other purpose, such as room and board, travel or other living expenses; it is taxable income to the participant. However, Technology Management Training Group, Inc. is not required to withhold tax on the payment. In addition, taxable scholarships do not need to be reported to the participant or to the IRS by Technology Management Training Group Inc. Participants are responsible for reporting their taxable scholarships and remitting any tax due with their personal income tax return (i.e. Forms 1040 or 1040-EZ and the corresponding state forms).

Please Note: Interns are not federal government employees or TMT Group employees and will be responsible for paying their own taxes for the calendar year. A Form 1099-MISC will be issued in place of a W-2 Form.

Supervision On-Site
All interns will be assigned a mentor with whom they will work directly throughout the duration of the internship. Each lab will also have a lab coordinator who will be the point person for disseminating important information regarding the internship. All interns should follow the guidance of their mentor as well as the lab coordinator. Failure to cooperate or adhere to the agreed-upon work standards or duties assigned by the mentor and/or lab coordinator may result in the termination of this internship.

Time and Attendance
It is expected that all interns will work full-time according to the work schedule agreed upon between the intern and the mentor. Failure to adhere to a reasonable work schedule may result in the termination of this internship.